When You Think About It, A Truck Camper Can Be Much More Comfortable Than A Van Camper

Camper dealers claim that there are many advantages to having a camper as opposed to a van. You can fit them in your car and easily pull them behind your truck. There is no gas tax or registration fees associated with camper conversions. Most camper conversions are extremely easy to do yourself, even for people who have never done anything like this before. In fact, they often aren’t even required by law.

A slide-in truck camper is essentially a small recreational vehicle that is slung in the rear of a pickup truck and then is carried in the back of the pickup as you travel around on the road. Some of these camper conversions are referred to as “coupe-tops”. A slide-out camper is also what most individuals think of when they hear of pickup camper conversions. They are generally hard-sided and will provide all of the comforts of other RVs without the expense.

Probably the most common truck bed camper construction method is the aluminum camper. Aluminum campers provide excellent fuel economy and are also quite sturdy, especially the soft aluminum models. Aluminum is lightweight, which makes it easier to raise and lower the camper to get into and out of the truck bed.Soft aluminum camper construction methods are also used rv toilets in vans because they are less likely to rust or corrode. Many campers will also be fitted with fiberglass tops and aluminum roofs.

One of the disadvantages of using an aluminum truck camper as compared to a fiberglass camper for your RV’s is that an aluminum truck bed camper can be heavy and bulky. This makes it difficult to tow or to carry. Soft-sided campers are designed to fit into narrow spaces such as spaces created by a flatbed truck or pick-up truck with a wide bed. This allows them to fit into tighter spaces than an aluminum model would be able to.

An alternative to an aluminum truck bed camper, particularly for those who want to save space in their RV’s is to use a pop up camper. A pop up camper is actually a small truck that is slung over the rear end of a truck bed. It consists of two poles with frames at their bases that hold the camper up in the air. These frames are also connected to the roof of the truck bed. The advantage to this type of camper design is that it can be set up quickly and safely because the camper and the truck bed are securely connected to the truck.

Because an aluminum truck camper camping system is so bulky, most


that sell them also sell a pop up truck bed cover. The cover is generally solid and folds over the entire tank to protect it from the elements, especially the sun. There are some models available that have both a pop up cover and a solid cover to protect the truck bed against rain and snow, respectively.

In addition to providing shelter from the elements, truck bed camper tents also provide an excellent amount of headroom. Many of the popular brands of camper tents have tallways leading down from the ceiling to the floor of the truck bed. These highways provide plenty of headroom, especially if you have an optional ladder


. When you are traveling in an RV with a full rainfly, you will not have to deal with high winds and other outdoor weather elements that may have a negative impact on your comfort and headroom. Just imagine the relief of being able to sit comfortably in your RV with the doors open to the pouring rain.

If you are a truck camper owner, it is important that you maintain all of your truck’s standard features. Some of these include: the full electric hook-ups for your gas tank, the standard features of an air conditioner and heater, a power inverter, and even a basic CD player. Most companies will offer free shipping when you purchase one of their truck camping tents. So, shop around, compare prices and find the tent that best suits your needs!

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