The sense of touch

The chanichim (participants) arrived on Monday with a lot of ruach (spirit) and excitement. Three days later, they already know the “cool spots” in Jerusalem and are taking advantage of restaurants and shopping nearby. Some chanchim joined us tonight for our optional activity at a great sushi restaurant on Emek Refaim St., where we indulged in great food and conversations.

Earlier today, I met with the Medical Track chanichim. We kicked off their year with a brief orientation and introduction to western and holistic medicine practices in Israel, immediately followed by a private massage workshop. After a lunch of bagels, spreads, and fresh Israeli fruit from Holy Bagel, everyone introduced themselves to the group and chose one item out of an Israeli First Aid kit that represented them best.  Answers were witty and creative as the chanichim explained how they were like a band-aid, Alcohol prep pad, or “אקמול” (Acamol, pain reliever medicine).

At the massage workshop, chanichim learned about the importance of “touch” and the need to also be attentive to patients on a personal level. Shira, our teacher for the day, explained and demonstrated that touch can heavily impact a patient’s perception of treatment and overall recovery through energies and intentions given off by the medical professional. She shared touching true stories with us (no pun intended) and gave the chanichim a better understanding of how holistic medicine complements  “Western medicine” in Israel. Everyone left the session pampered, well fed, and with a better understanding of the sense of touch. Photos from the session will be uploaded online shortly. It was a great day and we look forward to upcoming medical activities and experiences.

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