Section Highlights

Kvutzat Kedem
Kedem is a specialized track of Year Course designed for religiously progessive, liberal Jews who are interested in fostering their personal, spiritual and Zionist growth through a year of study and social action in Israel. The Kedem program combines Jewish learning in a liberal yeshiva atmosphere with substantial volunteer components and active participation in Israeli society. Kedem participants will learn about and actively participate in daily tefillot (prayer services), which will incorporate yoga and meditation techniques to enhance spiritual awareness. This track will begin with academic studies in Jerusalem, move to community volunteering in Haifa and end the year with Israeli Experience.


Shalem is a track of Year Course designed for Orthodox and observant Jewish youth who are interested in experiencing the Year Course program within a religious framework. Shalem combines a Beit Midrash program of traditional Torah studies with the volunteering and experiential components of Year Course


Kvutzat Nachshon
Kvutzat Nachshon is an exciting new option for those interested in a challenge. Nachshon participants begin their year with the Jerusalem studies period and then move to Community Volunteering. Throughout the year, participants are engaged in intense physical activity to prepare them for Marva, a program sponsored by the Israeli Army consisting of two months of basic training. Due to the intensity of Marva, participants must be physically and mentally up for the challenge.